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A study reveals a method to burn 80 thousand calories without doing any exercise!


New research revealed that homeowners burn a large amount of calories every year simply by doing gardening in the yard and other manual work throughout the house

And it turns out that preserving trees, plants and the garden may be the best way to lose weight while at home during the Coronavirus pandemic.

On average, homeowners burn more than 80,000 calories a year by working in the garden and performing alteration or repair tasks without the direct assistance of experts and professionals around the house, according to Southwest News Service reports.

According to the new study, many people do not see working in the yard as an exercise, but the number of calories burned while doing this is enough to make up for more than 300 Big Macs.

The study, conducted by Draper Tools' OnePoll, surveyed about 2,000 homeowners and found that they spent an average of 165 hours a year maintaining or repairing their homes.

Simple procedures such as weeding, garden pruning, and watering can burn thousands of calories annually, as long as this is done constantly. Grass cutting alone can burn more than 4,100 calories.

For those who own orchards, harvesting fruits and vegetables not only provides them with healthy food, but also helps them burn more than 3,100 calories, according to the study.

Gardening usually requires moving or moving heavy objects, such as compost bags or soil, which helps burn more calories.

Of course, burning calories also takes some time.

According to the study, homeowners spend approximately 700 minutes a year watering their gardens and more than 700 minutes cutting lawn. It takes about 650 minutes to clear the herbs, which helps burn more than 6,300 calories.

With this amount of time they burn 6384 calories while removing weeds, 3466 calories when pruning, and 3852 calories while watering the garden.

In the same house, homeowners will also burn 2,161 calories when removing wallpaper, 4145 calories while painting walls and 433 calories by hammering nails throughout the year.

Source: Fox News

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