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Benefits of the watermelon red diet

Reducing body fat

Eating watermelon helps reduce body fat levels. A study conducted in 2011 by the Journal of Nutrition in Mice lasted for three months. Scientists found that eating watermelon contributed effectively to reducing the percentage of body fat by up to 64%, due to the fact that it contained Arginine acid. [1]

Low in calories

Watermelon contains a small percentage of calories, as two cups of watermelon cubes contain only 80 calories, and it is also free of fat, which contributes to effective weight loss, in addition to that; Watermelon contributes to the feeling of satiety for long periods, due to the fact that it contains fiber, which helps to slow down the digestion process. [2]

Foster a feeling of fullness

Watermelon contains more than 90% of its weight of water , and thus it helps to fill the stomach, and promote a sense of fullness effectively, as it also contains fibers, which contribute to slowing the digestion, and increase the feeling of satiety for long periods. [2]

Reducing muscle pain after exercising

Watermelon works to reduce muscle pain after exercising, as physical activity is an essential part of the process of losing weight, as it contributes to burning calories and building muscle, and according to a small study conducted in 2013 in the Journal of Agricultural Food and Chemistry, that eating a pint of Red watermelon juice an hour before exercising can help relieve muscle pain and maintain heart rate, due to the watermelon containing L-citrulline, which the body converts into a major amino acid called arginine ( In English: L-arginine), this acid stimulates blood circulation and relaxes blood vessels. [2]

The benefits of watermelon in general

Watermelon has many other benefits, including the following: [3]

Preventing the risk of cancer: Eating watermelon reduces the risk of certain types of cancer; This is because it contains lycopene (lycopene) compounds, where lycopene reduces the insulin-like growth factor (IGF).

Promoting healthy skin and hair: Watermelon contains vitamins A and Vitamin C, which are essential for maintaining the freshness of the skin, strengthening hair, and preventing sunburn.

Improving digestion: Watermelon contains a high amount of water and a small amount of fiber, which are important factors for improving digestion and promoting bowel movement.

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