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How do I care for my skin in the summer

Wash the skin regularly

Although washing the face is one of the daily habits of skin care, the need for it increases in the summer, due to the high temperature and humidity in this season, so it is necessary to change the lotion used to clean the face according to these factors, and increase the number of times washing the face twice or Three times to get more recovery and hydration, for example, it is necessary to wash the oily skin more than once with a foaming cleaner that contains salicylic acid, because it can close the pores of the skin in the summer, causing acne , and for dry skin that suffers from redness or Skin rash, a mild non-alkaline wash can be used to wash the face twice a day, and the same goes for complex skin. [1]

Use a sun protection cream

Sun protection cream is considered one of the most important skin care products, as it should be used daily to prevent direct sunlight damage, especially in the summer, when temperatures and humidity rise, causing dehydration, pigmentation, burns, and early wrinkles, so it is imperative to choose a cream Sun protection with high concentration, SPF 30, and application to exposed areas of the body at least twice a day. [1]

Use an antiseptic lotion

Using an oil-based antiseptic lotion helps penetrate the pores of the skin and cleanse it from the accumulated excess oils inside, it also helps prevent dryness caused by exposure to sunlight, and removes water-resistant makeup, without stripping the skin of its natural moisture. [2]

Use a light scrub

Available in pharmacies many types of light exfoliators that help to remove the surface layer of skin cells , but most of them are very harsh, and may cause dry skin, leaving it irritated and inflamed, so it is preferable to choose a scrub that contains alpha or beta hydroxy acids, or fruit enzymes , Which helps gently remove dead cells from the surface of the epidermis, and maintains its health and luster. [2]

Avoid the hot sun

It is preferable to avoid staying in the sun between the hours of 10 am and 3 pm, and in some areas it is preferable to avoid them between the hours between 11:00 until 4:00, because the effect of ultraviolet rays is at its peak at that time, the greater the exposure of the skin For radiation during this period, the risk of pigmentation, burns, and premature wrinkles increased. [3]

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