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Methods of caring for oily skin in summer


Doctors recommend peeling oily skin using glycolic cleanser daily, and doing mechanical peeling approximately 4 times, depending on the type of skin, as the number decreases for sensitive skin, and more than that for normal, healthy skin, and it is also advisable to use a peeler that contains among its components micro-elastic microbes. [1]


The methods of caring for oily skin differ from one season to another, where a strong moisturizing cream is used in the winter, and a light one in the summer; This is because the external environment in the summer is less harsh on the skin than the winter season, and a light layer of moisturizing cream can be applied in the morning using the patting method, [1] and it is advisable to apply the moisturizer when the face is slightly wet, and moisturizers that have a protection factor should be used from the sun; This is to protect oily skin from harmful sun rays, and a light moisturizer specially designed to care for oily skin can be used. [2]

Food quality

Attention must be paid to the quality of foods that people with oily skin eat, by avoiding consuming spicy foods more than once a week, and it is advised to eat more foods that contain between their components natural ingredients that help inhibit the production of oils in oily skin such as melons and spinach , And islands. [3]

Washing oily skin

It is recommended to wash oily skin even if it is not exposed to external environmental factors, through the use of a lotion dedicated to oily skin, which contains between its components 2% of salicylic acid, which in turn removes oils from the skin. [3]

Summer oily skin masks

There are many masks that contribute to rid the oily skin of suspended oils temporarily, especially in the summer, and these masks are a clay mask, or a salicylic acid mask. [3]

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