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Treating weight fastness in diet

Reducing the intake of carbohydrates

Numerous studies have proven that following a few diets with carbohydrates helps to lose weight because it affects the metabolism processes in the body and thus stimulates them to burn more calories, and also helps to reduce the feeling of hunger and stimulate the feelings of satiety, and also helps to secrete the ketones that have been associated with Reducing appetite, which causes a low-carb dieter to eat less food involuntarily, which helps you lose weight without feeling hungry or hungry. [1]

Reducing the amount of daily calories

It is advised to reduce more calories, not less than 1,200 calories daily, because the smaller amount may put a person at risk of excessive intake due to stimulating the feeling of hunger. [2]

Increased or increased exercise

Metabolism slows down during the body's loss of weight, which causes, over time, difficulty in losing it. Fortunately, studies have shown that exercising resistance exercises can reverse weight stability because it stimulates metabolism and helps maintain muscle mass, which greatly affects burning processes. fat at rest, as showed the ability of exercise studies sports aerobic prevent slow metabolic processes in the body. [1]

Eat low-fat protein

New studies have shown the ability of high protein diets to reduce hunger episodes because they prevent the ghrelin hormone, which is the hormone produced by the stomach, to stimulate appetite and feel hungry, while studies have shown an increase in the hormone secretion when eating foods rich in fat or carbohydrates. [3]

Do yoga exercises

People tend to eat foods rich in sugars and high calories when feeling stressed and to calm the emotional disorders they are going through. Studies have shown that practicing yoga exercises contributes to reducing stress hormones and increasing insulin sensitivity, which is a stimulant for the body to burn foods instead of storing them. [3]

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