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Treating weight stability with dieting

Stable body weight

Many people suffer from the problem of fast weight with dieting, which may cause frustration, and psychological and health problems for them, and this stability is due to several reasons, including not eating breakfast, and this is a big mistake; Breakfast is one of the most important meals, because it provides the body with energy, improves metabolism, and neglecting it leads to eating large quantities of food at lunch, which causes stability in weight, and we will address in this article the reasons for the stability of weight with dieting, and how to treat it. 

The reasons for the stability of weight with dieting

Individual reasons: As the type of diet used, it may be inappropriate for the human body, exposure to psychological stress that leads to the stability of weight, and sometimes to increase it.

Reducing unhealthy eating: Many people think that missing meals will lead to weight loss, which is wrong; Because the constant caloric deficiency motivates the body to enter a stage of its compensation, and at this stage the body tries hard to preserve a person's life; Because it quickly analyzes caloric deficiency that his life is in danger, which reduces metabolism, and thus reduces the chance of losing weight, so he remains steady.

Eat carbohydrates in very small quantities: such as pasta and rice, thinking that they are the cause of weight gain, although they are considered a fuel for the body, they provide energy, and here the body consumes glycogen present in the muscles due to the lack of carbohydrates, which leads to shrinking muscle size, and low metabolism , Causing stability in weight.

Excessive exercise: Excessive exercise without adequate nutrition for the muscular effort leads to the body resort to rest by stopping to burn fat, and thus gain weight stability.

Lack of drinking water: Not drinking water causes dehydration, which prevents it from performing its vital functions properly.

Protein deficiency: Protein is known to be very important, as it maintains muscle tissue, and its deficiency reduces the metabolic rate, which leads to weight stability.

How to treat weight stability Diet review

By adjusting calories, according to the weight reached, and avoiding staying without eating for a long time; This leads to weight stability, the body to store its energy reserves, be patient, and insist that the established diet is not broken, and stick to it.

Eat unexpected amounts of food

It is advised to take advantage of the open day every week, and to make the body believe that he will get food at all times, and this means burning calories, and thus a decrease in weight after stability.

Make a mixture to solve the problem of weight stability

Among the most important and most famous mixtures are the apple mixture, by mixing two grains of apples, half a bundle of celery, a carrot and water in the electric mixer until we get juice, and we can sweeten it with honey or diet sugar, then eat it for three days; In order to break the weight stability. 

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